mercoledì 8 luglio 2009

Hyeres hockey

Nella cittadina di Hyeres c'è un progetto innovativo, ma quantomai semplice per avvicinare nuovi giocatori alla nostra disciplina..partire direttamente dalle scuole per formare atleti o simpatizzanti in modo che l'hockey sia visto come uno sport semplice ed accessibile.
L'idea è di base molto diretta anche se nella pratica serve una organizzazione impeccabile per riuscire ad arrivare nelle scuole e nel cuore degli alunni...

Per chi volesse prendere spunto dal progetto o informarsi maggiormente questo è il link della squadra dove potrete trovare anche il progetto sopra citato!!

Buona visione!!

Torneo di Parma

Riprendendo le comunicazioni che hanno mandato i ragazzi di Parma vi posto i dettagli del torneo imperdibile di settembre..

Hi guys,

From the boiling italian heat we're here to remind you that the Parma CUP 2009 is getting closer.
There are many updates on our website about how to get to Parma, the cheapest flights from everywhere in Europe, accommodation, etc...

There is even a form to enter the competition directly from the website: !

The website is very very nice so have a look at it!
Few teams have already sent their applications, we're waiting for you to complete all the room available.
We'd be glad if you could not wait till the last minute before confirming your team, it would make our life a lot easier.

The deadline is fixed: 5th of August 2009.

We remind you that if you pay in advance through a bank transaction the tournament fee is 100 euros, otherwise 120 euros in september at the tournament.
We need to pay for your booking at the hostel/hotel in advance so if you need accommodation please include also this money.
Once we've decided the menu of the party we'll tell you the price.

Who was at the PARMACUP last year knows that we'll do our best to make of the tournament a pleasant vacation as well, we'll take care of you with amazing food and lots of fun.
We're deciding about the menu (PROPER ITALIAN FOOD), if you have particular needs or you would like to try something in particular let us know and we'll see what we can do!

We're working on few draft beer dispensers in the pool area and an outdoor party on the nearby terrace.
We're working on few nice gadgets that we'll be available for you at the tournament, nice souvenirs from Parma..
..and of course you'll get our special present (last year was a piece of parmesan) to bring home with you!

Last year the level of the tournament was pretty good, honestly we were not expecting so many great teams... but anyway the high number of teams allowed also the "less strong" teams to have fun and play matches on their own level.
A female competition will be held this year as we did last year.

In conclusion the PARMACUP is for everyone: strong or not, for player with a team or without, for guys and girls.....!!!!
We just need YOU to MAKE IT WORK!



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